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Sunday, 17 February 2013


Yeah since im not good in love or maybe because of my appeareance. I dont know. Well. Nowadays, if you doesnt have a beautiful body. Who's adore you ?. No matter what. Anyway, i push myself to the maximum this year. I have target. I need to work out. My personal trainer asl me to burn 7000 calories . One day 600 calories. Then i have to diet. I need to calculative in delicious food. Some delicious food is not easy to burn. 1 apple contained 100 calories. Not include with nasi lemak, teh tarik, soya, and anything Malaysian's favourite food. I have to diet. I need to lose weight.

Im tired chasing people. Im tired looking for someone . Im tired seeking love. Once i reach my goal someday. Yeah i really mean it. Someday i will achieve my beautiful sexy muscular body. Then people will looking for me.People will queue up for that. I want that. Why ? Its a must before i reach 26 years old. Now im still enjoy with my 24. Owh gosh. Need a lots of thing to achieve. I need to buy a dream car , beautiful apartment , and gorgeous lover. Then i can live happily ever after like Cindarella did.LOL

Fairy tale is real. Cindarella went through her live with her step mother and sister but in the end she get married to the prince. Same goes to Tiana. She turn a green frog after she kissed a frog. But in the end. The frog is a real prince too and he is human ! Same like Poccahontas , Ariel and Jasmine. Learn and Live. Thats what we taught.

Nothing is impossible.

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