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Thursday, 9 August 2012

BERNAS | Hari Raya 2012 (The Journey) TV Commercial Director's Cut (Engl...

Two special children build a beautiful relationship based on genuine care and understanding. On the eve of Hari Raya, these orphans, Ahmad and Fizi embark on a journey and encounter many challenges along the way. Through their perseverance and determination, they overcome all odds to fulfill their obligation of unconditional love. 

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

[GALAXY Note 10.1] Introducing Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1

Since last year iam fan of Samsung product. I love thier creativity to make this versatile product. First gadget i bought is Sony Ericson. Once Blackberry and Iphone released , i never look at the product and maybe because not my taste or favourite item. But once the Samsung released SII. I was incredibly insane put the product as my wishlist item. And..last year i bought my own SII .It was awesome. I love the 8megapixel camera. The shape, the application . And plus its dual core CPU. How amazing is that ! Right !

But a few month later Galaxy Note and tablet was released too. I believe the SII have their own stronger fans. Until i received an email from Samsung that they have Galaxy Note 10.1 . OMG ! Its fantastic product. The fucntion similar as PC/ Laptop/Notebook. It must have item in my gadget list. How i wish i can have this. So my life getting easier. But maybe i should go to the outlets to see it real. I think this tablet have USB cable. So its easier to transfer some picture from camera to the Galaxy Note 10.1. So it will be easy to blogging on the spot without take time to going home and transfer anything. Right.

Samsung is the best gadget brand. I love all the product from SAMSUNG.

Malaysian Beauty ! Patricia Sue Lin !

Patricia is 24 years old and half Danish, half Chinese-Malaysian. She was born in Hong Kong, lived in Japan for 3 years and moved back to Hong Kong where she went to International school there for 7 years at German Swiss. Her father then moved her to Denmark to live and learn how to speak danish. Her mother lives here in Malaysia and every summer Patricia used to visit her for a month since she was 13 years old.
She then came back to visit her about 3 years ago, but a visit ended up to be more then that....

Patricia has done a lot of modeling here in KL, and has been learning the life style and socializing.
As for her modeling, she has been on the cover of CLIVE thrice, STUFF, HealthToday, and she has done jobs for TVC's like Gold Sheep Placenta, Baskin and Robbins, Malaysia airport, Celcom, Beaubelle, RHB etc.
She was nominated this year as one of the finalists for Miss Universe Malaysia 2011.
Patricia is also a DJ, taught by Joey G. She slowly started to play out at different venues all around KL. Her music style when she Deejays is House -soulful, tech and vocal house.
Patricia is also now one of the deejays for Capital fm, 88.9 - the new women radio station with Asha Gill, Joanne Kam, Xandria Ooi, liang, April Kuan etc..
She was then recruited as the new hostess (with JD and Adam C) of the show 'Castrol Football Crazy' which was aired on ESPN every thursday at 8pm and after having been with ESPN - she is now the hostess of 'Maxis Football Extra' along side her old co-host, JD - every Sunday live from 11am-12 noon...

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Monday Changkat with BFF

* Not everyone can go party on Monday. But US did it. My besties and I are having fun on Monday night. Which is not the right day to go party. How ever, the club love us. We went to changkat area. We just randomly walk in and order a lamborghini & long island 5 jugs. And then we getting high and dance the whole night. Its happy to see my friend from Russia,Iranian and Philippine enjoy the party. Dance, Snap and Drink. Yeah we love that. Once the photo reveal, everyone looking each other, Haha We look so bad . Hahah. Anyway, such a great party to be with my besties. <3 Marwan/Ronnie, Edward, Nurul, Anand & Gangs , Chris, Tracy etc. The next morning i get up at 1049am. OMG. Im late to go office. Then i decided to take sick leave. Pretending to doctor that i have food poisoning. Like what? Food poisoning taking long island alots? Hahah. I miss my ronnie .LOL

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Opening Ceremony Highlights - Miss World 2012 feat Yvonne Lee Miss World Malaysia

* Highlight opening ceremony of the Ms World 2012 at Mongolia. It's colourful and the finalist beautiful. All the best to Yvonne Lee for represent Malaysia. U hot as ice  !

The Creation of Robson Jeelian

* I start drawing when i was 8 years old. I love to draw houses, flower and skirt. When i was 13, i dreaming to be a fashion designer one day. My teacher asked me " What do u want to do someday? " I answered " I want to be a fashion designer " . And classmate are looking to me. Like what. Is that wrong a guy like me to be a fashion designer. But it just a dream because i didnt mangae to get design school after PMR & SPM. I went to this medical & science school, college and university. But i didnt enjoy it. I just study and exam for that course. But my soul is not there. But i never stop sketching. I do love fashion. Now i more to fashion stylist and fashion buyer. =) I love doing that.

Idiosyncratic Fashionistas : Advanced Style film in 2012 !

*I can't wait to see this veteran fashionista documentary ! They are colorful. They have 1 soul. Its FASHION. Fashion united them. Its forever. Their spirit in this fashion sense are strong . Maybe strong than our God Anna Wintour and Anna Dello Russo. =) What i can describe is they are Anna Piaggi community. Lovely people with their own fashion style. Stylista ! I like them. I love to hang out with them !

They are : -

Ilona Royce Smithkin
Tziporah Salamon
Mary Ann  Van Dongen
Lynn Dell
Anne Marie Bullen
Iris Apfel
Zelda Kaplan
Jacquie Tajah Murdock
Alice Carey
Gene Betancourt

FT: Fashion Bloggers : Tommy Ton

My favourite King of Fashion photographer Tommy Ton. He's very humble. I like the way he took picture. Love him.