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Sunday, 17 February 2013

JESSICA : 1st Asia's Next Top Model 2013

As my predicted since first episode 1. Im so obsessed with her. Her look, her fair skin  , her face & her bones are born to be high fashion. Jessica Amornkudilok , 26 years old , origin from Thailand just won the Asia's Next Top Model for first season.

She's very optimist and soft spoken person. She's not the drama type of girl. She's very confident when front of camera. Sometimes the language is a challenge for her. But she managed to understand of single word. Since Thailand are not pratically use English for their main language.So it's a bit difficult sometimes for her. But she went through all this thing successfully. Bravo!

She reminds me to Jessica Rabbit. The most sexy and exotic look cartoon version. 

Congratulation to Jessica !

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