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Friday, 15 February 2013

Heart and Game

This is what i thought and what i felt . I dont know what should i say. How can i start to recall back.
You know what. Honestly i do like you. I like you very much. And you know that. Yup. You looking for nice soul. Okay maybe we should know each other first.

Hi. Good morning. How are you today. You know what. Every morning i look down at my phone. I expect some greetings from you. Okay no greeting. So I make a first moved.. Im happy if you can reply. That the best thing and made my day. Sometimes you dissapear like a chipsmore. You beep me when you free. Okay i understand maybe you busy.

Everyday im thinking about you. Share my feeling with my closed friends. Only bestfriend. I can name them as V, B and S. They have their own thought. Advises and encourage me. I did my effort and give a hint to you. I think you know my feeling.

Gym everyday. Weekend to hometown. Working on weekday. So when do you free. I know your answer. "Sure, i'll let you know." . But you never let me know. Day by day. I feel bad. Maybe im not a lucky guy. Maybe im not handsome enough. Maybe im not muscular guy. Or maybe im local. So i keep silent .

When i quiet. You texted me. Should i reply.Tell me what should i do to make you happy. Or am i bothering you. I still keep it in  positive way. I still reply you. If you happy im happy. But are you really happy with me or when you received my messages ? Urmm i dont know.  Hope it still fresh like a roses i've sent to you before and not fading away.

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