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Friday, 22 February 2013

CHARLOTTE & JONATHAN - First Class Performance !

I keep on repeating this song sang by Charlotte and Jonathan . They have amazing voice. They touched my soul. They know my feeling. The voice just blew me up . My little hairy stood up !

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Chill & Meeting with Melissa Francis

Last Wednesday 20 February 2013 , Melissa Francis , Eaz , Frankee and I meeting up at Coffee Bean Pavilion for upcomnjg project.

Will reveal soon. Because Melissa Francis was nominated to The Most Stylo Artist in Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian 2013.

Melissa Francis will release the full malay album soon. And i will collabrate for some idea. Keep calm and will tell you all sooonnnnn !

And this coming ABPBH tour, Melissa Francis will be wear our cloths . Exclusive from Propaganda collection. Defintely gorgeous for her ! xoxo.

IPPUDO Pavilion , Kuala Lumpur

Last 20 February , i was invited to do a food review for new ramen restaurant from Japan called "IPPUDO". It located at Level 4 Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.Open at 11 am till 11 pm daily.

I was came late about 15 mins. When i reach there , i can feel the positive energy from thier staff. I love that ! So i register my name at the chic counter. The lady gave me a "hand-fan" .Then she managed to get a seat for me but with media friends table.One thing i like the environment, when people came into their restaurant they will shout something in Japanese word. I think it means" Welcome to Ippudo" . And the staff very friendly.

What they served me ?

Here there are :-

1) Goma Q
- Very fresh Japanese cucumber with sesame !

2) Curry Cheese Haru Maki
- OMG !! I love this !  It's a deep-fried curry spring rolls ! - A MUST TRY !

3) Pork Bun
- This is my favourite ! And all the time favourite dishes at all branch. Ita steamed bun with braised pork and Ippudo's original sauce.

4)Shiromaru Motoaji
- I love this too. It 's IPPUDO's original tonkutsu broth served with ultra thin noodles, belly chashu, bean sprout, kikurage and spring onion. This is Classic HAKATA style ramen !

5) Akamaru Shinaji
-The special blended miso paste and fragrant garlic oil. Its modern style ramen.

6)Karaka men
- Its a bit spicy miso & ground pork.

7) Spicy Shrimp Mayo
- Love love love !Its something lightly-battered and deep fried succelent prawns. I love the sauce too.

8)Hakata style Soup Gyoza
- More to ginger taste. Original tonkutsu broth with boiled gyoza

9) Crispy Corn
- Smoked-taste corn, crisp and addictive !

10) Green Tea cold is my drink ! Very healthy.

Anyway , Let me share some facts about Ippudo.

1. Ippudo means " ONE WIND HALL " . It because at the same time , there were dark clouds over the kyushu ramen industry and Kawahara intended to blow wind and revolutionise the era.

2. The first restaurant opened in 1985 in Fukuoka City by Shigemi Kawahara. Kawahara is a Ramen King in 2005 and place in a Ramen Hall Of Fame  after winning the championship 3 timesin 1995 - 1998 .

3. The first oversea restaurant opened in New York City ( East Village ) in 2008. Then followed by Singapore in 2009 . But they have 2 branch in Singapore. Located at Mandarin Orchard Singapore and UE Square Shopping Mall. Then Hong Kong opened  Ippudo branch at Silvercord in 2011.

4. There are over 65 stores in Japan and globally places such Seoul, Taipei, Sydney and latest one is Kuala Lumpur.

5. For your info , it's non - halal restaurant.

Actually ,. the grand opening for Ippudo Kuala Lumpur is on 21 February 2013 . I was so lucky and thankful to be invited for their food review.

In Kuala Lumpur branch , they serve as below  menu :

Ramen Menu :

  1. Shiromaru Motoaji
  2. Akamaru Shinaji
  3. Spicy Karaka-men
  4. Kaedama
Cold Appetizer & Salad :
  1. Avocado & Shrimp Wasabi Mayo
  2. Goma Q
  3. Nira Chashu
  4. Teriyaki Chicken Salad
  5. Nikumiso Tofu Salad
Hot Appetizer : 
  1. Fried Young Corn
  2. Yaki Edamame
  3. Curry Cheese Harumaki
  4. Chicken Karaage
  5. Pork Bun
Ala- Carte : 
  1. Ippudo Pan Fried Gyoza
  2. Teppan Chashu
  3. Hakata Style Soup Gyoza
  4. Spicy Shrimp Mayo
  5. Bakuretsu Tofu
Rice :
  1. Aji Onigiri
  2. Hakata Meshi
  3. Unagi Rice with Wasabi

Drinks ( Reconmended ) :
  1. Yamazaki ( Whisky )
  2. Uneshu
  3. Sake
Desserts : 

  1. Black Sesame Ice Cream
  2. Green Tea Ice Cream
  3. Yuzu Sorbet

Chef's Reconmended Menu.:-

After the food review done , they have some quiz to us. It's all about IPPUDO. And i won it ! Happy that i did a research first at the afternoon about Ippudo. Actually i didnt expect they a 10 quiz for us.But i made it. So my luck !

The media friends and I .

What i've got ? Jeng Jeng Jeng !  All the way from Ippudo , Japan !

Here my new media friends ! They are so lovely and talkactive  ! Had so much fun with them.

1st Top Picture from Left : Ky Teoh ( Malaysian Food & Travel Blogger ) , Haze Leong ( artist ) and the other one im so sorry i forgot your name ! But i remember your face ! And we have chemistry in Japanese food !

2nd Bottom : What i've got ! I won for the quiz !

3rd Right picture : The guy announce in Japanese language. But with the translator next to him. =)

Reconmended to all friends ! If you know where Pavilion is, you can go this address and having some meals for your break ! Thank you so much Ippudo for treat us with great and delicious meals.XOXO.

Address : 

Lot C4.07.00
Connection Level 4
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Contact No: 03 2110 6233 

Monday, 18 February 2013


Sunday, 17 February 2013


I don't know what have you done to me.

I thought that things like  this get better with time. But i still need you , why is that ? . You the only image in my mind. So i still see you around. I miss you like everyday. I wanna be with you but you're away. Missing you insane , but if i got you with you , could it feel the same ? 

Word don't ever seem to come out right but i still mean them. Why is that ? It hurts my pride to tell you how i feel. But i still need to. Why is that ? It dont matter who you are , who you love. It is so simple. A feeling but it's everything.

If i could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes , only then would you realize how special you are to me.

I miss you. K.


JESSICA : 1st Asia's Next Top Model 2013

As my predicted since first episode 1. Im so obsessed with her. Her look, her fair skin  , her face & her bones are born to be high fashion. Jessica Amornkudilok , 26 years old , origin from Thailand just won the Asia's Next Top Model for first season.

She's very optimist and soft spoken person. She's not the drama type of girl. She's very confident when front of camera. Sometimes the language is a challenge for her. But she managed to understand of single word. Since Thailand are not pratically use English for their main language.So it's a bit difficult sometimes for her. But she went through all this thing successfully. Bravo!

She reminds me to Jessica Rabbit. The most sexy and exotic look cartoon version. 

Congratulation to Jessica !


Yeah since im not good in love or maybe because of my appeareance. I dont know. Well. Nowadays, if you doesnt have a beautiful body. Who's adore you ?. No matter what. Anyway, i push myself to the maximum this year. I have target. I need to work out. My personal trainer asl me to burn 7000 calories . One day 600 calories. Then i have to diet. I need to calculative in delicious food. Some delicious food is not easy to burn. 1 apple contained 100 calories. Not include with nasi lemak, teh tarik, soya, and anything Malaysian's favourite food. I have to diet. I need to lose weight.

Im tired chasing people. Im tired looking for someone . Im tired seeking love. Once i reach my goal someday. Yeah i really mean it. Someday i will achieve my beautiful sexy muscular body. Then people will looking for me.People will queue up for that. I want that. Why ? Its a must before i reach 26 years old. Now im still enjoy with my 24. Owh gosh. Need a lots of thing to achieve. I need to buy a dream car , beautiful apartment , and gorgeous lover. Then i can live happily ever after like Cindarella did.LOL

Fairy tale is real. Cindarella went through her live with her step mother and sister but in the end she get married to the prince. Same goes to Tiana. She turn a green frog after she kissed a frog. But in the end. The frog is a real prince too and he is human ! Same like Poccahontas , Ariel and Jasmine. Learn and Live. Thats what we taught.

Nothing is impossible.