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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

WeChat Launching Party 2013

Hey . I was invited to WeChat event on last 2nd April at Neverland KL. And it supposed to be my gym and dance class that time. But for WeChat i have to skipped my class away. Its okay.

From the office i straight away to Neverland. Who's who went with me ? Ofcourse the gorgeous Zulaika Zamrim and Diana Nasir. Owh geez. You guys so vouge and i didnt manage to glam up my looks for the night. So i goes with b-boyz style.

Well, i think everyone knows about WeChat.It's a trend now.  I've downloaded WeChat since last year . It's cool application

If you haven't download the application. You can go to apps store and type "WeChat " and download it ! Hope you enjoy with this cute social media !

Some info about We Chat :- 

WeChat provides multimedia communication flexibility and convenience with text messaging, hold-to-talk voice  messaging, broadcast ( one-to-many )  messaging , photo/video/location sharing & contact information exchange.

WeChat also supports social networking via shared streaming contents feed and location based social plugs-in ( "SHAKE" , "LOOK AROUND " , "DRIFT BOTTLE " ) to chat with and befriend with local and international WeChat user.

The Familia of Wizard Night !

Last 11 March , i went to Aviliion Port Dickson for company annual dinner. For this year , Harry Potter theme was selected for the night.

Everyone gone crazy with the black era of witches. So cool ! You can find a big wall entrance as Harry Potter scene then you will see the train station with their smoke came out from the top.

Anyway , not much can i describe here. The picture will tell you how fun we are.

This is the table set up. Its a long table as in Harry Potter scene dinner table.

The potraits behind blows out the magic cupcakes !

The wall in Harry Potter scene to the train station. This is red carpet !! You can see myself  glam up my witch style. Im not sure what character in Harry Potter scene. Iam the new character in the scene .LOL

This is my 3rd familia. From left is ZAck , Azie , Jean , Myself and kean. Under one roof.

This is under Sales & Marketing familia.

The train moving in to the dinner hall. Its awesome ! I never expect to have dinner like this before. So magic !

My team on latina performances. We got 3rd Runner up for this show . Out of six.

You can see the glam witch with his shades. Crazy man !

The magic show brought up the emcee of the night.

This is totally fear factor scene. Its disgusting to find a little ball inside with 50 frogs inside ! I didnt win this game. Its okay. But it totally pranked ! Azie called my name to the stage. I was thought she will call Zack as we pointed Zack name. LOL. Serve me right.

Camwhore with the good friends YMC team.

Camwhore begins.

See you next year. Next year theme is PUNK HARD ROCK. I will try to find nice rock costume next year,