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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

BFF Private Party @ HAVANA Changkat

The BFF Private Party are continueous after last night at Velvet Underground. Some of the BFF are hung over. Because we've done the party at 5AM !!!. Day time sleep. Then went to Havana for a great shot !

The 2nd part BFF with me is Ben, Saverin, Charlene,Stefani and her bf & Jeena.
This part we finish earlier before went to some of the club ( i forgot the name) to have the tequila shot.

Cool !

BFF Private Party @ Zouk Velvet Underground

BFF Private Party was held at Velvet Underground Zouk. Check in at Suites Apartment ,Park Royal Services Apartment. Shuttle a Alphard. Because the BFF is about 25 people. Majority are from Sarawak's socialites and some are KL's socialites.

The BFF private was organised by Charlene & Saverin, Help by Mae & his handsome BF. The others Ben,Joe Zainal , Suchitra, Gabby , Kam & Rhys, Hilda & her husband, Jeena, Emy & Her BF , Joe Baerath , Bryan , Nurul & her BF, Mac , Vivianty & Jason , Claudia, myself , ....How come i forgot few names.Drunk Drunk Drunk. Haiya.

Anyway, we love and had fun so much. The music is nice. Crowd are curious with us. Haha. And my BFF are gorgeous. Thanks so much for SAVERIN for the expenses. =)