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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Exclusive : Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 Finalists Revealed!

As a Miss Universe follower. Iam the big fan of beauty pageant for Ms Universe too. We have our own group for Ms Universe Malaysia.named GMUMO and Beauty Raider (to appreciate Malaysian beauty ) . This year Ms Universe 2012 haven't confirm the venue and the date from Miss Universe Organisation. However, most of the countries had revealed their own finalist Miss Universe 2013.

So do with Malaysia. First week of September, the Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 has been revealed yesterday morning ( 6 September morning ) during their press conference at the Setia Eco Park.

And this year Adverlets is the official social media partner of Miss Universe Malaysia 2013.

Let's check it out the "unprepared" spontaneous question & shoot by Josh Lim (Adverlets ) .

So what do u think after you watch the preview introduction from them ? Do u have your favourite yet ?

Anyway, i was suprised, When 3 of my friend here became a finalist Miss Universe Malaysia 2013. Here they are. I created a simple compcard for them. Take a look :-




How gorgeous they are. OMG. Till i have no word to describe to them. Im very proud with them. U guys rock !

Unfortunately , one of friend Janet Bennet pulled off this contest because of the personal problem. If she could join, she will be the tallest girl in this batch. But too bad. Yeah thats we called a life. Unexpected. Sometimes yes miracle did. But sometimes not working out.

Okay. Life must go on. Move forward. Lets see  all finalist of Miss Universe Malaysia 2013.

 Carey 23 Kuala Lumpur !

 Chammaine 20 Penang !

 Jassinta 25 SABAH !

 Kara 23 SARAWAK ! 

 Kelsey 23 Selangor !

Leanndrea 21 Selangor !

Marissa 22 Selangor 

May SALITAH 24 sabah !

 Naomi 24 Selangor !

 Natalia 24 Selangor !

 Hing Zhiyu 24 Kuantan !

 SAMANTHA 18 Kuala Lumpur !

SARAH 25 Perak !

Shareeta 22 Selangor !

 Symren 20 Kuala Lumpur !

Trisha 20 Kedah !

So how goin on so far? Dont you have your favourite pick ? Or previous batch is better than this batch ? What say you ? Enough for Malaysia ? Ofcourse ! Iam proud that we have this girls in this industry. Well said they are very gorgoeus. Anyway this girls will be living under one roof called BeautyCamp concept. As per previouse batch. But this year it will be aired at 8TV.

And 3 month more, Ms Universe Malaysia 2012 will represent Malaysia for the international part. I wish that Kimberly Legget will do her best and trained enough to enjoy the benefits during Ms Universe later.

Here we are latest photo of Kim MUM 2012 :-

OMG Super Gorgeous right ! First i met her before, she was chubby. And yet to be a queen. =) But she's very humble. And day by day , she have the motivation to herself to keep fit and looks stunning. Good effort ! Thats my GIRL !

This photo taken when we were at Triumph fashion show. Love to see her.

Ok guys. Till we meet again and ofcourse will share my beauty queen to y'alls.

till next then. TTYL. XOXO.

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