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Thursday, 14 February 2013

No Valentine

There is no Valentine for this year as previous year before. Never had actually. Erm actually im planning to have it but someone is busy with event. I don't know what event it is. Someone didn't get back to me.  So i understand why. Sometimes we can't force someone to love us back. If we belong together and meant to be , it will happen. It's okay. Maybe i'm not the lucky guy.  And i've spent my Valentine night watching American idol for Top 20 Selection session and had my chicken nugget.

" Beep Beep ". Received a whatssapp at midnight. Owh it's your text. You just home ?.  And you  just realized that i inviting you for Valentine dinner and final part you just mentioned  simply sorry . Erm. i just ignore it away. If you can feel what i feel , then u understand. 

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