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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Monday Changkat with BFF

* Not everyone can go party on Monday. But US did it. My besties and I are having fun on Monday night. Which is not the right day to go party. How ever, the club love us. We went to changkat area. We just randomly walk in and order a lamborghini & long island 5 jugs. And then we getting high and dance the whole night. Its happy to see my friend from Russia,Iranian and Philippine enjoy the party. Dance, Snap and Drink. Yeah we love that. Once the photo reveal, everyone looking each other, Haha We look so bad . Hahah. Anyway, such a great party to be with my besties. <3 Marwan/Ronnie, Edward, Nurul, Anand & Gangs , Chris, Tracy etc. The next morning i get up at 1049am. OMG. Im late to go office. Then i decided to take sick leave. Pretending to doctor that i have food poisoning. Like what? Food poisoning taking long island alots? Hahah. I miss my ronnie .LOL

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