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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

[GALAXY Note 10.1] Introducing Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1

Since last year iam fan of Samsung product. I love thier creativity to make this versatile product. First gadget i bought is Sony Ericson. Once Blackberry and Iphone released , i never look at the product and maybe because not my taste or favourite item. But once the Samsung released SII. I was incredibly insane put the product as my wishlist item. And..last year i bought my own SII .It was awesome. I love the 8megapixel camera. The shape, the application . And plus its dual core CPU. How amazing is that ! Right !

But a few month later Galaxy Note and tablet was released too. I believe the SII have their own stronger fans. Until i received an email from Samsung that they have Galaxy Note 10.1 . OMG ! Its fantastic product. The fucntion similar as PC/ Laptop/Notebook. It must have item in my gadget list. How i wish i can have this. So my life getting easier. But maybe i should go to the outlets to see it real. I think this tablet have USB cable. So its easier to transfer some picture from camera to the Galaxy Note 10.1. So it will be easy to blogging on the spot without take time to going home and transfer anything. Right.

Samsung is the best gadget brand. I love all the product from SAMSUNG.

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