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Friday, 14 December 2012

Benchitra Party at The Pool Ampang !

Last 8 December 2012 , my brother Regiell and I went to Benchitra party. I went with Ben himself, Vivianty and Joe.

We reached The Pool about 12 am. And the crowd is already packed. And actually i totally tired after the whole day spent time with my family.

But because of my bestfriend, defintely i go and be with them. Friends and Family is important for me. Without them , im lonely. Lucky i have them and balance with it.

Who's who i met ? I met Syafiq (Marky) , KZ ( The photographer ) Lan , Suchitra , Nurul and her boyfriend , Deviyah (Ms Earth ) and her bf and we are next  to Norway and Sweden guy. They gave a bottle of champagne of us that night. How sweet they are.

We party till 5am ! And absolutely exausted and so much fun for the whole day and night.

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