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Sunday, 25 November 2012

Bloggerton Events with Adverlets at e-Library !

Last Thursday was Advertlets Bloggerton event at e-Library  SS2 Mall .  I told you I can barely win those JLO tickets worth RM500+ (HOW I WISH !) . My team was Rosalyn , Reynoldson and myself. First session is dart session ,2nd is pool and last one is Daytona. I gaming for Daytona for my team. But I GOT 19/40 . lol. Ofcoz i didnt win. Haha. But i enjoy the environment and game in eLibrary.I will come again and bring my friends to chill here someday ! Add sumore, eLibrary provide a karaoke room as well ! After the event, Rosalyn , Stephhanie , Reynoldson and I went for karaoke. And we back home 4am ! How cool is that ! We enjoy the night at eLibrary !

Anyway congrats to those win the JLO tickets. 

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