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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Everyone Has Changed. Body need Muscle too. That i can call MAN.

It's been awhile i didn't update my blog. Well, most of the event ive rejected just because i want to focus my gym schedule.

Why I go gym ?
1) To be HOT guy
2) Revenge on rejection in love.I know YOU will regret soon.
3) Because of Rainforest festival. I need a good toned and shape body to wear a sleeveless shirt or shirtless.LOL
4) Level up my confidence
5) To give some inspiration to others.
6) For healthy and dream body
7) Chasing my dream to entertainment industry.

This is how i look after 2 month and 3 weeks work out in Celebrity Fitness.

Still long way to go ! I need more muscle !

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