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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

WeChat Launching Party 2013

Hey . I was invited to WeChat event on last 2nd April at Neverland KL. And it supposed to be my gym and dance class that time. But for WeChat i have to skipped my class away. Its okay.

From the office i straight away to Neverland. Who's who went with me ? Ofcourse the gorgeous Zulaika Zamrim and Diana Nasir. Owh geez. You guys so vouge and i didnt manage to glam up my looks for the night. So i goes with b-boyz style.

Well, i think everyone knows about WeChat.It's a trend now.  I've downloaded WeChat since last year . It's cool application

If you haven't download the application. You can go to apps store and type "WeChat " and download it ! Hope you enjoy with this cute social media !

Some info about We Chat :- 

WeChat provides multimedia communication flexibility and convenience with text messaging, hold-to-talk voice  messaging, broadcast ( one-to-many )  messaging , photo/video/location sharing & contact information exchange.

WeChat also supports social networking via shared streaming contents feed and location based social plugs-in ( "SHAKE" , "LOOK AROUND " , "DRIFT BOTTLE " ) to chat with and befriend with local and international WeChat user.

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