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Monday, 25 February 2013

Throwback Moment Day Out With Good Friend !

When We free , We hang out.
When Not Free ,  We Whatssapp .

Kean : I knew him since last 2001. When i was in secondary school. We are boy scout ! And we friend till now 2012. =)

Shahrel : I knew him in one social website. Then friend to friend cases , we getting close and share lots thing like advising and motivation each other.

Eaz : Good person and love to share some thought and ideas of life. =) I knew him in 2011.

Melissa : Secondary - Church - Brother friends. Now we are buddy ! For upcoming project ! Yes she is celebrity. Well known in Borneo.

 Vivianty - Best buddy ever ! Met her on 2009. Crazy , Sporting, Hot mama ! I love her ! I ever kissed her in club. We're crazy ! Haha. Her husband very sporting and always went out together. Especially shopping, party , traveling and chilling.

Zulaika - My best buddy ! Met her at private event. Then we getting closer and shared lots thing. Very fashionable beautiful Hot Mama. Origin from Kelantan. Super Cool woman !  We have chemistry IN FASHION and be classy.

Connie : The most woman i've spent with. She's playful . Beautiful gorgeous and tall. We always go club together and party. Always get a VIP seat in high end club. She dont drive. She had her own cab ! Dont talk about money with her. But talk about relationship. =)

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