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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

LG Fiesta's Event @ The Curve

Last 8th June i was invited to the LG Fiesta event at the Curve for their own latest  product to the bloggers.
I was so excited because this is my first time to see with  my own eyes that LG ULTRA HD TV size is 84 inch ! Im very lucky because i never see this huge and big cinema tv ! Even my own house tv is 32 inch ! Interesting product !

I reached The Curve at 830am. As i know , im the first person who reached early , and straight away to the location and waiting for the other bloggers.And i registered myself and we are dived to 10 group and im in Group 4.

First of all, we are introduced by LG reprensatative itself to talk about all details for their own product.
This LG ULTRA HD TV presents the whole new level of quality which is the resolution is 4 times higher than the full HD Tv ,with 8.3 megapixels , 84 gigantic screen  like clearer , more consistent and sturdy screen. By the way, this also came with 2.2 speaker system & confortable colourful 3D Glasses. Awesome right ! CHic and classy !

Instead of the product they also introduced the other product such like :-
Easy to online via remote 

The TV alert with your signal via the camera itself. 

You can online via your tv too ! 

The XBOOM box area, LG show you how to handle the DJ thingsin your home !The sounds system is cool !

The Most Realistic Sound Ever :

9.1 CH Cinema Sound ,
9.1ch CINEMA Sound is an advanced sound system com- posed of 9 speakers of different directions and one woofer. These 9 speakers deliver 9 different sounds from each direction, delivering precise and genuine sounds that would make you feel as if you were there.

Aramid Fiber Speaker  &
Aramid Fiber, material highly resistant to the external stimulus, is applied to the unit to minimize sound distortion and deliver clear and precise sound.

Miracast™allows screen mirroring from mobile devices to TV. Just mirror the screen of mobile devices and enjoy mobile contents pictures, videos, games right on the TV screen.

Games part are like Q&A about LG product , Gangnam style show & Guessing the film title. Below are the winners  picture !

We are loser but we cool because manage to spend our time for LG event !

Thank you so much LG ! How i wish if can own the 84 HD TV. I can save my money to not spend outside for cinema ! But in my dream. Im not rich enough to have this huge electronic product for myself. Huhu. Someday yes Maybe. Who's know right.

You can view their own website to check more latest product from gadget to electronic items. LG worth for penny !  Click here fore more details and specification on their latest product LG Home !

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