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Friday, 14 September 2012

X Top Model Search 2012 - The Cat & Mouse Party @ Neverland

As usual , i was invited by Kenji to come for the Cat & Mouse party XtopModel Search 2012. This preview party 2 weeks before the grand finale really exciting. Came with the theme cat & mouse. But Stephanie , Adam and I with our own theme. We are the Pink Team ! LOL. As the font colour for the theme. LOL.

Anyway, its fun. The party strated with the tiger and pole dance . Its fantastic to dance with the pole. Plus, their meow-meow ! hehe. I like it.

Here the video. You can catch me at 0.42 second. Actually we took 4th times to give this wish ! Haha.

Fantastic Party with the finalist XTOP Model Search 2012 at Neverland. As you can see through from the video and picture, it telling you how the socialite and model supports the finalist. Enjoy my picture and the footage. Love ! Credit photo to Fong Chee ,Stephanie & Ng CW ! <3 p="p">

*My favourite is TUTI ! Good luck for her !

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