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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Represent My Beloved friend, Melissa Francis.

* I met Melissa since i was in gred school. Her family such a nice and good family. We went to same church in Lutong..( Long time ago before we moved to KL ). Her brother was same class with me. Their family are musician. She's the only girl in her sibling. The rest is boys, very naughty and handsome boy. =) Anyway here the some details of her. Take a look.

Melissa Anak Francis a.k.a Melissa Francis has debuted her new album titled “Beserara Enggau Ai Mata” under PBP (Panggau Buluh Pengerindu) Production. She was born on Jun1986 with a great family from Sri Aman,Sarawak, Malaysia. She’s the eldest among 4 of her siblings. Melissa Francis is now currently further her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration in Malaysia Open University , more than that, she’s also have a part time job as an Admin Assistant in account Department at one of the Law Firm company.

Melissa Francis start her career as a singer at the end of 2003 until now.

2003 – “Sulu Mata Engkudu”
2004 – “Sulu Meruan Sayau”
2005 – “Baya Pantai”
2006 – “Penawar Pengidup Puang”
2008 – “Bisi Secupak Ngiga Segantang”
2011 – “Beserara Enggau Ai Mata”

Her 5th album “Beserara Enggau Ai Mata” which is released on September 2011 [16/09/2011]. Melissa Francis has popular with her hit song of Sulu Mata Engkudu, Sulu Meruan Sayau, Baya Pantai, Ranggas Dan Kemunting. Melissa also mentioned that her hit song from her latest album of “Beserara Enggau Ai Mata” is “Beserara Enggau Ai Mata” itself, “Mutus Ati” and also “Badu Ngayah Ke Aku”

For the information, Melissa has a great record among the Dayak’s artists with her latest ablum “Beserara Enggau Ai Mata” album has been sold over 10,000 units within ONLY 2 weeks, with the period of only 4days completing the album she’s said that she’s emphasized more on the music, lyrics and the video clips and also the cover of her album of “Beserara Enggau Ai Mata”.

List of awards received by Melissa Francis:

1. Best Iban Female – DAMA 2008
2. Best Dressed Award – DAMA 2008
3. The Most Popular Song (Mutus Ati) – AJARR 2011
4. Best Vocal Award – AJARR 2011

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